Wood Use Options

What to do with your ash tree after EAB. Ash tree utilization options and markets.

  • Urban Wood Network

    Urban wood utilization has occurred for many years, but ramped up to a much larger scale with the infestation of the emerald ash borer.
    The Urban Wood Network was created to:

    • Build regional and national awareness of the urban wood market by bringing together urban wood efforts in the four partner states and beyond, providing leadership and sharing information.
    • Strengthen the urban wood supply chain within Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin with the goal of increasing the amount of urban wood that can be reclaimed, processed, and sold.
    • Build a common understanding, language, commitment, and eventually, brand for the urban wood marketplace.

  • Emerald Ash Borer Planning Simulator (EAB-PLANS®) - Beta Version
    This program was developed to assist decision-makers in managing ash trees in urban and community forests challenged by EAB.
  • EAB Cost Calculator
    This version is driven by an EAB invasion wave model that lets you modify your treatment strategy after the initial wave of EAB has passed. It can produce estimates of forests that contain up to 4,000 ash trees.
  • Decision guide -- Should You Keep Your Ash Trees? pdf
  • Wood Utilization Options for Urban Trees Infested by Invasive Speciespdf
    University of Minnesota Duluth, Natural Resources Research Institute (Brian K. Brashaw) and USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory (Robert J. Ross, Xiping Wang and Michael C. Wiemann) - This publication is a reference for land managers, arborists, utilization specialists, and other natural resources professionals. It provides comprehensive information on wood technology, markets, and technical information for hardwoods affected by invasive species. This manual provides a one-stop shop for understanding how the emerald ash borer, Asian long horned beetle, gypsy moth, and thousand cankers disease are affecting hardwoods and offers valuable insight into the wide variety of products and markets that are available, and practical advice for considering the many options.
  • Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team
    The Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team was formed in 2007 to concentrate on encouraging the harvesting and use of wood from urban and community trees felled in Illinois as a result of EAB. The Team has focused on developing an understanding of EAB infestation and opportunities for wood utilization across the entire spectrum of the wood use chain.
  • My Ash Tree is Dead...Now What Do I Do? pdf
    E-2940 - March 2007 - Michigan State University Extension - This publication for homeowners focuses on what options are available for the dead and dying trees in their yards. Wood use options are suggested, allowing homeowners several ways they can recover some of the value in the resource.
  • Community Urban Wood Utilization Planning Worksheet
    Southeast Michigan Resource, Conservation and Development Council - This worksheet is intended to help communities address some of the issues that must be considered in the development of a wood utilization plan.
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