Here at EAB University, We Were Online Learning Before Online Learning was Cool!

Did you know –

  •  EAB University has recorded webinars on all kinds of topics related to exotic wood pests and diseases?
  • Webinars are presented by experts and specialists from all over North America?
  • All webinars are free to view?
  • Webinars are a great resource for
    • Extension educators
    • classroom and online instruction
    • homeowners and landowners
    • municipal leaders
    • bug lovers
    • nature lovers
    • tree lovers
    • anyone who needs timely, reliable and expert information on these topics?

Here’s just a sampling of what you could be learning right now:

  • The history of EAB
  • How municipalities all over the country are dealing with EAB
  • EAB research, control methods, management and ecological impacts
  • Community action plans
  • Recognizing and reporting exotic forest pests
  • Regulatory issues
  • Municipal planning for infestations
  • How tree choice can cause the next invasive species disaster
  • Other pests of concern:
    • Gypsy moth
    • Spotted lanternfly
    • Asian longhorned beetle
    • Hemlock woolly adelgid
    • Ambrosia beetles
    • Beech bark disease
    • And more!

Right now everyone needs a little educational stimulation while under the COVID-19 quarantine – which is eerily similar to the quarantines issued when EAB was found in 2002 – so check out the EAB University page to see the interesting things you can learn! They’re free of charge and always accessible, even in the middle of the night when insomnia hits. 😊

Robin Usborne, EAB Communications Coordinator

Department of Entomology, Michigan State University

April 9, 2020


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